Worker’s Compensation Policy

worker compensation

There is always a probability that you will be hurt on the job regardless of where you work or what you do for a career. Every year, workers are injured or fall sick, and many suffer catastrophic, life-altering, and even life-threatening conditions as a result of events beyond their control. According to the International Labor Organization, there are around 340 million work-related accidents worldwide each year, with the National Safety Council reporting that there are around 7 million job-related injuries each year in the United States. The most common causes of such accidents are overexertion, fatigue, falls, slips and contact with machines and equipment. Most of the victims of these incidents do not report these incidents simply because they do not understand their legal rights. Most workers are unaware of the workers’ compensation law which stands to benefit them in such circumstances. So what exactly is workers’ compensation?. Simply put, worker’s compensation is a sort of insurance that provides workers with compensation for accidents or impairments experienced in the workplace.

Understanding workers’ compensation policy

Workers’ compensation policy requires companies/employers in the United States to purchase insurance for their employees. This insurance helps clear the employee’s medical bill and reimburses them their income when they are out of work. Prior to this policy, injured employees’ only option was to sue their employers in court, an option they relinquish immediately after agreeing to receive this compensation. However, obtaining this claim is not easy as most employers and insurance companies deny the victims their full compensation due to the complex rules. Moreover, the insurance companies and the employers stand to make profits when the injured employees are denied their claims.

Types of worker’s compensation

In the United States, every state has different legislation relating to workers’ compensation. Similar injuries may be compensated in quite different ways depending on the location of the employee. Therefore, it is very important to find a skilled injury lawyer with extensive legal expertise in a particular state. Fortunately, a worker’s compensation attorney from Regan Zambri Long in Washington DC can help the injured employee receive full compensation. The firm has experienced workers’ compensation lawyers who are acquainted with all of the unique aspects of the state’s compensation system. The firm has a great record of helping its clients who have been injured by negligence and wrongdoing to receive their compensation.

Workers compensation requirements and eligibility

Generally, only genuine employees are eligible for workers’ compensation. The employer also must be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. If the employer is not covered, the injured employer will need to file a workers’ compensation lawsuit. Another important requirement is that the employee must prove that the illness or injury is work-related. Work-related injuries can be categorized into three: physical injuries, repetitive stress injuries, and occupational illnesses. Lastly, the employer must have met the reporting deadlines set by their individual state. The employee must notify the employer about the injury within the indicated time frame and file the claim within the time frame specified in the state’s laws.


Workers’ compensation policy has assisted many work-related employees by providing them with financial and medical benefits and avoiding the expensive wrangles between them and their employer in courts. This compensation, however, can be easily denied by the insurance companies and, therefore, help from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney with extensive legal expertise in a particular state can lead to the employee receiving the full compensation they deserve.

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