Why Truck Accidents Happen

Truck Accidents

Accidents happen every day on highways and roads across the world proving that most deaths and injuries sustained are usually due to vehicle collisions. According to road crash statistics, most road accidents can be avoided if certain precautions regarding road use are obeyed.

Truck drivers mainly cause road accidents despite the safety rules for commercial truck use. Most accidents involving commercial trucking have led to countless injuries and deaths of victims. Truck drivers, bad weather, and faulty mechanical parts of vehicles often initiate the general causes of truck accidents.

Driving mistakes

There are many mistakes made by a truck driver, which can result, in severe physical injuries and sometimes deaths. Such truck driving mistakes involves distraction while driving which is generally happens when truck drivers use their mobile devices eating and drinking while driving.

When drivers become tired or they have used substances containing alcohol and they get behind the wheel, this behavior can lead to fatal crashes involving other road users. Tiredness can also cause the inability to control a bigger vehicle since truck drivers can undermine the least chance to cause an accident. This is because they can become carefree on the road thereby driving with aggression and exceeding the speed limit.

Poor mechanical maintenance

Mechanical faults can be the fault of the truck manufacturer or the truck owners. Several components of trucks such as brakes, tires, and other inconspicuous parts require constant maintenance and efficient repairs if worn out. Sometimes, manufacturers of trucks cause malfunction of trucks’ engines parts and rigs if they make use of outdated technology in building the trucks’ body parts.

In addition, truck drivers make use of brakes every time they are on the road. Therefore, this means that truck brakes are to be properly maintained and replaced if damaged to avoid accidents on the road.

Bad climatic conditions

Unfavorable weather especially in the rainy season has been one of the major causes of truck accidents. Wet roads are also slippery as they encourage drivers to lose the grip of their trucks, which affects the drivers’ control resulting in a road crash.

When trucks that lack adequate maintenance are used on wet roads, they can heighten the chances of making an accident happening. Under bad climatic conditions, unskilled truck drivers can get frustrated and get involved in collisions. However, there are certain safety precautions for truck drivers under unfavorable weather to avoid accidents.


Truck accidents are often fatal because trucks are bigger vehicles that can lead to serious physical injuries. As road users and truck drivers, it is important to avoid every form of distraction when driving trucks.

Distracted truck drivers and motorists who do not pay adequate attention to other vehicles on the road and road signs especially during bad weather cause truck accidents. Commercial truck drivers who have a hospital emergency should stay off the wheels, it is safer to allow a healthier person to drive you to the hospital to avoid causing danger to other occupants of the car.

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