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Not every type of accident will require a claim, but there will always be exceptions that prove otherwise, in this case they are car accidents, most of these types of accidents can be complicated. And having an attorney makes the process easier while the victim recovers.

Something that the Fielding Law Firm always has as a rule. Is to be aware of the process of each of its clients, while they recover, luckily, contacting them is simple, just by entering this page and requesting a free first consultation:

Should a lawsuit be filed in these types of cases?

Most of these types of accidents tend to be solved on the spot by the parties involved with the insurance companies, to avoid getting through the trial processes, which have a notorious reputation for being tedious. Although, there are cases that are an exception and will require a lawsuit to recover the expenses made by the victim that were needed after the accident happened.

We talk about those car accidents that resulted in a tragedy that caused high-magnitude injuries or death, as well as a proposal by the insurance company that does not cover the costs of recovering the injuries caused by the accident. An insurance provider will typically disregard the true value of the damages the victim suffered or ignore the coverage allowed for recovery from the injuries.

If this happens, the victim should have a lawyer by their side who can help negotiate and deal with the insurance companies. To represent the victim and fight for their rights as a person to achieve a better chance of a good compensation.

What should be done after the accident happens?

After being part of a car accident, the victim may feel a bit confused or overwhelmed, and may not be able to focus on what decision to make and what to do at the moment. Being part of an accident, it is always advisable to do the following:

  • Contact an emergency line for immediate medical attention after the accident:  Even though the victim may not have a visible injury, they could have an internal injury, which could be fatal and create future repercussions if it is not treated immediately. Seeking the necessary medicated care will not only help determine the victim’s physical health, it will also give the necessary evidence to prove that the injuries exist thanks to the car accident.
  • The victim must gather as much information as possible after the accident: This will help to obtain the necessary evidence for the claim and to identify the party responsible for the accident occurring. The first thing to do while awaiting medical attention is the exchange of information between the parties. Photographs must be taken of the scene, the vehicles involved and the damages that were caused by the accident. If the collection of images or videos is not possible, the statements of witnesses, medical, and police reports will also help to build the case.
  • The victim should contact the insurance company with which they are associated: This must be done to open the claim process, if the insurer does not wish to cooperate or tries to offer immediate compensation, but low, the victim should know that she has legal options.
  • Consult an attorney immediately after the accident: This process will be easier if you have an attorney lead the process and handle any interactions with the insurance companies and get fair compensation.
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